Best MMA Gloves 2024 – Unbiased Expert Reviews

Boxing gloves present less risk during training than MMA gloves do. They have less padding, are smaller, and have more creases for you to scrape your body against. Boxing gloves should be used instead for any severe sparring, hard bag work, or hard pad work to emphasize power.

MMA gloves were created in response to the demand for a glove that would fit the unique requirements of mixed martial arts. These open-fingered gloves were created especially for MMA fighters.

In MMA, the hands may do more than just strike the body and face of the opponent; nevertheless, to become an expert, you must have the proper equipment. For any mixed martial artist, gloves are a need. They protect the fighter’s knuckles while they punch their opponent until they are knocked out.

The best MMA gloves are those made of premium genuine leather since they offer the most protection for the hands, wrists, fingers, and knuckles, among other body parts.

Best MMA Gloves on the Market Right Now!

Here are seven well-liked and reputable MMA gloves.

1. Combat Sports Max Strike MMA gloves

The Combat Sports Max Strike MMA gloves are the greatest for heavy bag training because they include 2 inches of molded foam padding, compared to the 1 inch or less of most other MMA gloves.

Heavy bag work is known to quickly degrade MMA gloves, but because the Max Strike’s are made from genuine leather (not all over), they are built to last and also have excellent moisture-wicking properties.

Additionally, the hands are better suited for striking than grappling when they are fully opened because they offer some resistance when they are fully closed.

You will be able to enjoy your training sessions because of its strong finger strap design, soft feel, and large 2-inch knuckle padding. High-level strikers should choose Combat Sports, but those who want to focus on grappling may find it difficult to adjust to this MMA training style. You can avoid injuries with this MMA glove, although it is slightly more expensive.


  • It provides a lot of knuckle protection while being reasonably comfortable.
  • Foam that has already been pre-curved makes it pretty simple to hit and clinch with.
  • Does what is said to.
  • padding that is both gentle and firm.
  • It is both practical and beautiful.


  • The size chart needs to drop a notch
  • Inconsistent padding [possibly received in two batches.
  • The wrist support has an exposed area and is excessively tight on the sides.

2. Venum Challenger MMA Gloves

The PU leather used to create the Venum Challenger MMA Gloves is designed in Thailand.  These MMA gloves are the ideal option for ring combat as well as weight room training.

Almost every finger and thumb opening has been durably reinforced, which helps to better absorb shock from every stroke. You may be certain that your thumb won’t ever become jammed with the Venum Challenger MMA Gloves. The gloves’ snug fit is one noticeable feature, though it could be challenging for some people to put them on and take them off. Remember that they are quite adjustable and fit very well, so don’t let this stop you from making a purchase. Since these gloves do run on the snug side, another thing to keep in mind, there isn’t much more space beneath them for coverings.


  • Wide Velcro Strap with Injury Prevention
  • Dual-Closure Mechanism
  • To absorb shock from strikes, the finger and thumb openings have been reinforced.
  • Highly Modifiable
  • Fantastic Return Policy
  • Incredibly shock-absorbing
  • Comfortable
  • Many Beautiful Colour Options


  • Very snug, making It difficult to slip them on and off.
  • You cannot wear wraps underneath.

3. RDX MMA Gloves

Maya skin leather is used to make the RDX MMA gloves because of its strength and flexibility. Additionally, it is resistant to breaking, so it should endure for several training sessions before needing to be replaced. Dual stitching ensures that the stitching won’t simply give way; in many MMA gloves, the stitching is the first to fail. They’re decent for grappling because they feature an open palm design and individual fingers that the user can move freely, but because the padding covers the tops of the fingers so far, it may significantly limit them. They are therefore unquestionably more suited to sparring than grappling.


  • Cheap
  • Effective at preserving knuckles
  • Good quality
  • Effortlessly fit over hand wraps


  • Not too good for heavy bag work

4. Fairtex FGV15 MMA Sparring Gloves

One of the leading manufacturers of training equipment for combat sports is Fairtex. These MMA training gloves, despite having a long history in striking, are a little bit smaller, smoother, and more appropriate for grappling than the Combat Sports or RDX previously mentioned.

For fighters looking for the best hand protection, Fairtex FGV15 gloves are the ideal option. These gloves guarantee a safe and snug fit because they are made of pure top-grain leather and include a specially shaped and tight-fit hand compartment. They are designed with an incredibly thick, pre-curved, high-impact latex foam core, which offers the best impact absorption to prevent training injuries. These gloves effectively diffuse shock because of the three-layer foam core structure that is Fairtex’s trademark. These gloves, which are handcrafted in Thailand and include extra-large knuckle padding and a full wristband, are essential for professional boxers.


  • Excellent for experts in the clinch.
  • Smaller and easier to fit.
  • Very long-lasting.


  • More effort to break in.
  • between-price range.
  • Some people may find a seam that sticks out from the padding uncomfortable.

5. Hayabusa T3 4oz Pro Style MMA Gloves

The Hayabusa T3 4oz Pro Style MMA Gloves can be used for both training and competition. Although they are pricey, the gloves do come in a variety of sizes to fit any user.

They feature a natural contoured curve and are composed of flexible materials, which not only makes them more comfortable but also lessens hand stress from having to force the glove to curve with your knuckles. The wrist part is sturdy for added support, and it also contains a hook and loop closing. They don’t require much break-in like many other gloves, so you may use them right away without any discomfort.

Speaking of MMA gloves, if you have a pair that needs cleaning, follow this guide.


  • Simple to put on and remove.
  • excellent wrist support.
  • lasting and solid materials.
  • The contoured shape better fits the hand.


  • A little Expensive.

6. Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves

Three colors and three sizes are available in the Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves. Because of their curved design, they are comfy and help in securing your hold. Additionally, they offer an enhanced hook and loop closing system that is simple to operate with only one hand, making them simple to put on and take off.

The gloves are flexible but provide the required amount of hand protection since they are made of Skintex synthetic leather that is covered in many layers of foam. The gloves are not the cheapest, but they are not the least costly either. They don’t provide the same level of knuckle protection as some other pairs, but they are still strong and flexible.


  • Simple to put on with a single hand
  • The hand fits better in a curved shape.
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Durable stitching


  • Quite pricey
  • Knuckle protection is minimal.

7. Venum Challenger MMA Gloves

Venom is one of the top producers of MMA equipment worldwide, and in my own experience, their gloves have never let me down. The grapplers out there who want to practice some mild ground and pound should use them.

These gloves offer outstanding defense and shock absorption thanks to their multilayer foam and high-density foam construction. The reinforced finger and thumb openings absorb all of the shock for each hit you make, while the adjustable strap and unique Velcro strap system offer excellent comfort and support. The Venum Challenger MMA gloves will keep you protected whether you’re working out in the weight room or engaging in-ring combat.


  • Positive aesthetic appeal with no apparent visual flaws
  • Comfortable
  • Reliable brand
  • Suitable for grappling and light ground strikes


  • Inadequate padding.
  • Ineffective for harder strikes.


Overall, the most recognized MMA brands produce and market the best MMA gloves for a variety of diverse requirements. The more expensive MMA gloves are always the better choice because they feature better construction and materials overall.

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