How To Clean Your Boxing Gloves?

Boxing is a physically demanding, fast-paced sport. High levels of sweat are produced as a result. The protein, salts, and lipids that are present in sweat and are being broken down by bacteria are what cause the smell, not the sweat itself.

Body odor is a byproduct of the bacteria’s decomposition of the sweat that has a very distinct smell. Despite the fact that body smell is neither harmful nor associated with any health issues, it can nevertheless be humiliating and undermine one’s confidence.

One of the harsh realities of boxing is that, without adequate cleanliness and maintenance, your gloves could end up smelling far worse than a rotten egg sandwich left on the floor of a paper mill on a steamy summer day.

Regular cleanings and good care will keep your gloves odor-free and clean while also extending their lifespan. The most crucial part of keeping boxing gloves clean is making sure they dry out completely after each usage; otherwise, bacteria will be allowed to thrive inside the gloves.

How to Clean Your Boxing Gloves?

Here’s a step-by-step instructions for cleaning boxing gloves:

Materials required

  1. Mild antibacterial soap or specialized cleaner for sporting goods.
  2. Wet, clean cloth.
  3. Hand wraps, if desired.
  4. Baking soda, if desired.
  5. A space with good airflow.

Allow them to totally dry

After each usage, give your gloves plenty of time to properly dry off because bacteria and germs both require moisture to develop and thrive. Your boxing gloves may smell if you don’t dry them off after using them.

Add newspapers to fill them

Stuffing gloves with newspaper will also help gloves dry out more quickly since it will absorb any extra moisture and keep the gloves propped open so that air can circulate within.

Remove hand wraps

If you use hand wraps, take them off of your gloves and wash them separately in accordance with the directions on the covers.

Aerate Gloves

After each workout, take your gloves out of your gym bag and give them a chance to air out. By doing so, moisture buildup is reduced, which reduces the chance of bacteria and odors developing.

Wipe the Exterior

To get rid of any surface dirt or perspiration, wipe the exterior of your gloves with a clean, moist towel. Following each training session, do this.

Clean the Interior

  • Turn your gloves inside out to reveal the internal lining before cleaning the interior.
  • In a basin, combine water and a mild antibacterial soap solution. Make sure the concentration is appropriate.
  • Gently wipe the internal lining of the gloves after dipping a clean cloth or sponge into the soapy water and wringing it out until it’s only damp.
  • Take care not to overwet the gloves when cleaning them; you don’t want to ruin them.
  • Pay special attention to the regions where your hands touch the gloves when properly wiping them.
  • If your gloves have detachable liners or inserts, try to remove them or clean them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Rinse and dry

Remove any soap residue from the interior with a fresh, moist towel. Let the gloves air dry after that. Avoid exposing them to heat or sunshine, as they might harm the leather or other materials.

Deodorise (if required)

You can use a few techniques to deodorize your gloves if they still smell after cleaning them.

  • A small amount of baking soda should be sprinkled into each glove. After letting it sit for a few hours, shake it out.
  • Use specific glove deodorizing inserts or products and stick to their guidance.

Overnight, freeze your gloves

Although freezing your gloves overnight to remove bacteria might sound strange, it actually works very well. Overnight, put your boxing gloves in a plastic bag and freeze it. Take your gloves out of the freezer the next morning, and store them somewhere dry and well-ventilated. If your gloves are very smelly, you can air-dry them outside after spending two nights in the freezer instead of just one.

Put apple cider vinegar to use

Boxing gloves can be cleaned with apple cider vinegar, which is also useful for reducing unpleasant odors. It’s a remarkably simple and efficient way to quickly refresh your gloves.

  1. Approximately one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar should be poured into your hand or onto a fresh cloth.
  2. Thoroughly rub it inside your gloves.
  3. After that, let your boxing gloves dry overnight in a place with good ventilation.
  4. In the morning, you ought to notice that your gloves no longer smell.

How to maintain your boxing gloves to keep it running over the years.

Store Properly:

After your gloves are totally dry, store them in a space that is well-ventilated. Keep them out of closed gym bags because doing so can cause mold growth and bad odors.

Regular Cleaning:

To maintain your gloves in good shape, clean them frequently and avoid leaving them in moist areas. Additionally, think about utilizing hand wraps to wick away sweat and keep your hands away from the interior of the gloves.


These procedures will help you keep your boxing gloves clean and long-lasting while reducing odors and bacterial growth.

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